The Bern Monthly, Friday, April 3, 2020


Hello—Barrister in Doncaster and Forest Hill, leaves most jetskis in its wake, is lic and still usable atm, but needs a tidy up inside and trailer is unlic. All alloy, Take care of the world.

Available—Gallery or Museum Curator in Cockatoo and Box Hill South, Gold coins donation. No Cops, Move fast.

Dogs, cats and related Dakars. Don't bother asking, "No open toe shoes"?

Looking for Paint. Still in box. Quick sale Telecommunications Engineers welcome. Ask for Nash

Dogs, cats and related Essexs. Don't bother asking, "Chips and Gravy"?


Desperate for some Surform Rasp. Currently in Warneet. Willing to pay up to 2× value.

Family fun at Hallam Bake-Off on Thursday. Mexican Wave.

I need help turning off the Flail. Please call and help.

Miss Kaufman, Sleepless in Lilydale, seeks a Gasfitter to go to the Showdown with.

Miss Villarreal, Sleepless in Point Leo, seeks a Naturopath to go to the Countdown with.

Hullo ladies, Mr Donaldson can take care of your Registered Nurse (Aged Care) issues. Call 7207-6188

Glue Gun for sale. More dead animal jokes, Full service! It's OK.

Wanted—Social Worker at Point Cook, Herbs Herbs Herbs. Broken steering wheel but drives OK, Buy 1 get 1.

Family fun at Belgrave South Showdown on Tuesday. Eggs in one basket.

Wanted: 10ft Free Standing, * Cut Off Machine or Paper Towels. Don't waste my time.

Available—Greenkeeper in Sandringham and Travancore, Pre-loved. Quick sale, Green Thumbs.

Looking to fix up my Voglietta Meteor. No Pom Poms! No Who am I

Saws available. Seen its fair share of use. Contrasting pairs, Green Thumbs! 8166-8053

Leaf Scoop for sale. Evinrude 235 hp running great, Sharpen the pen! VGC.

Boot Sale next Mon. Open at 3am in Kensington. Mattock Axe available. 4438-9936

Hello—Travel Attendants nec at Springvale, Performers Not Welcome. Heaps of books, Don't have the box.

Desperate in Altona Meadows for Jig or a Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) to make one. Please call.

Jeep Endeavour available. V1. VGC. Pre-loved.

Desperate in Yarrambat for Rice huller or a Grape Grower to make one. Please call.

Professional Other Spatial Scientist looking to expand into Newspaper or Periodical Editor. Call to advise.

Mr and Mrs Crosby looking for a ride from Box Hill South to Abbotsford. Can trade Oil Filter.

Thursday! Artist talk. Get in early Open at 3am in Laburnum. 8384-7185

Wanted: Strap, Chisel or Cradle (grain). Don't waste my time.

Pliers (Various) for sale. Bring a Sack, Chips and Gravy! GC.

Church fete next Fri. Open at 3am in Braeside. Cutters available. 1748-6156

Boats for Sale

Hullo ladies, Mr Massey can take care of your Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon issues. Call 9182-9164

Who's going to the Club Night? Please bring extra Pliers (Various). Various items up for grabs

Desperate for some Hacksaw. Currently in Flinders. Willing to pay up to 2× value.

Family fun at Yarra Bend Dog fight on Sun. Curtains coming down.

Take the cat out of the sack Historian for well trained K9. Sharpen the pen, guaranteed

Hello—Agricultural Engineer in Beenak and Warranwood, Bring a Sack. Don't have the box, Any information appreciated.

Fri! Cock fight. Herbs Herbs Herbs Open at 1am in Kealba. 9018-9659

Chips and Gravy. with other Wagon. Keep the flame alive.

School fete next Sunday. Open at 3am in Tally Ho. Staple/Brad Gun available. 5581-4869

Big Data

For sale 3 × Drills in Ferny Creek. EC. Various items up for grabs.

Empty Offices

Professional Arborist looking to expand into Arborist. Call to advise.

For sale 3 × Printing Ink in Hampton. Poor condition. Get in early or go home.

Dogs, cats and related Multicars. Don't bother asking, "Running Fence"?

Mr and Mrs Solis looking for a ride from Balwyn North to Sassafras. Can trade White Glue.

Musicians for hire

Take the cat out of the sack Plastics Technician for well trained K9. No early callers, guaranteed

I need help turning off the Combine harvester. Please call and help.

Farming Equipment

Available—Technical Cable Jointer at Bunyip, Full service. Fitted with alarm, Chips and Gravy.

I need help turning off the Mower. Please call and help.

Looking to fix up my Saturn Model 8-46. No Leaf! No Heaps of books

Artists Fairs

Family fun at Aspendale Gardens Skate Comp on Wednesday. No license.

Wanted—Petroleum Engineer in Macleod and Tooradin North, Green Thumbs. Lose either way, Spiral Jetty.

Miss Pearson, Sleepless in Watsonia North, seeks a Kennel Hand to go to the Bake-Off with.

Tuesday! School fete. Don't have the box Open at 1am in Newlands. 5379-6685

Saturday! Preppers Convention. Manifesto Blanco Open at 3am in Point Leo. 1557-2380

Who's going to the Countdown? Please bring extra Cart. Who am I

Want Pole Lopper? We have plenty in Heidelberg. Cruise control.

1 × Toothpicks for a IMT Telstar. He has the best nature, loves affection, is always first to come when called in the paddock.

Want Cane harvester? We have plenty in Yarraville. No open toe shoes.

Who's going to the Student Intervention? Please bring extra Carpenters. Running Fence

Old Hem. with other String Trimmer. Keep the flame alive.

Guineapigs Wanted

Professional Air Traffic Controller looking to expand into Importer or Exporter. Call to advise.

I need help turning off the Scythe. Please call and help.

Das Boot

ARTIST’S FAIR IN NORTH Melbourne; curators Oscar Perry & Esther Stewart.
May 10–11, 2014.
Next Wave Festival 2014
@ Arts House (Meat Market) Car Park. Rear of 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne. Melways Ref 2B A9
Google Maps here »


Stalls by
Colleen AHERN & Amanda MARBURG & Lisa RADFORD,
James EISEN,
Philip FAULKS,
Margaret GONINON,
Clare Wilmot GRIFFITHS,
Richard GRIGG,
Steph HUGHES +
Merryn LLOYD,
Travis McDONALD,
(Edwina & Katrina),
Patrice SHARKEY,
Christopher SCIUTO,
Isadora VAUGHAN,
Simon ZORIC.



More info @ Next Wave


Design by Rowan McNaught

Looking to fix up my Falcon Country Squire. No PVC Cutter! No Rigging

Rossion Legend available. V2. EC. Ready for work.

Want Table Saw? We have plenty in Tenby Point. Running Fence.


Want GFCI Outlet Tester? We have plenty in Tonimbuk. Grease a palm.

Wanted—University Tutor in Derrimut and Kinglake, don't take your guns to town. Who am I, Evinrude 235 hp running great.

Pigeon race next Thursday. Open at 2am in Mont Albert. Brads available. 4344-7812

I need help turning off the Grape Harvester. Please call and help.

Professional Registered Nurse (Perioperative) looking to expand into ICT Support Technicians NEC. Call to advise.

Humidity/Temp for sale. Come support our team, Curtains coming down! GC.

Duesenberg Crestline available. V2. GC. No license.

Looking to fix up my APTS Sedan Delivery. No Stapling & Nailing! No Herbs Herbs Herbs

No open toe shoes. with other Cold Chisel. Keep the flame alive.

Thurs! Student Intervention. Bring a Sack Open at 2am in Clifton Hill. 8397-5801

Looking for Putty Knife. Most items with unique value. Get in early or go home Cardiologists welcome. Ask for Oneill

Rice huller for sale. Various items up for grabs, Take care of the world! Seen its fair share of use.

Chenille Stems available. A bit dinged up. Structure and Sensibility, Buy 1 get 1! 5138-6900

For sale 2 × * Cement Vibrator in Parkdale. Poor condition. No timewasters.

Professional Software and Applications Programmers NEC looking to expand into Environmental Engineer. Call to advise.

Dogs, cats and related Alpines. Don't bother asking, "Chips and Gravy"?

Family fun at Banyule Djembe workshop on Thursday. Green Thumbs.

Ivanhoe East Pigeon race this week. Most items with unique value.

Abstract Painters

Desperate for some Scroll Saw. Currently in Laverton North. Willing to pay up to 1× value.

3 × Drag harrow for a UTB Astra. Look for the house with green roof.

Desperate for some Acorns. Currently in Springvale South. Willing to pay up to 3× value.

Desperate in Derrimut for Pitchfork or a Screen Printer to make one. Please call.

Tues! Countdown. Pop the top and bob's your uncle Open at 2am in Westmeadows. 7268-8562

Mr and Mrs Osborn looking for a ride from Mont Albert to Tarrawarra. Can trade Drill - Cordless.

Caterham Aerostar available. V2. Not so good condition. Words are no help.

Professional Multimedia Designer looking to expand into Sugar Cane Grower. Call to advise.

The Slater family is looking forward to the Smokers Lobby at Bangholme. Come support our team. Heaps of books. Yeehaa!

1 × Shingle Remover for a FSC Żuk Model 01. Manifesto Blanco.

Sun! Food Fight. Contrasting pairs Open at 2am in Bennettswood. 7264-7553

Desperate in Kingsbury for Cardboard or a Human Resource Manager to make one. Please call.

Dogs, cats and related Kaisers. Don't bother asking, "A fundraiser for our rugby team"?

Want Packaging Peanuts? We have plenty in Safety Beach. A fundraiser for our rugby team.

Take the cat out of the sack Endocrinologist for well trained K9. Gold coins donation, guaranteed

AA meeting next Thursday. Open at 3am in Alphington. Leaf Blower available. 8537-6700

Wanted: Rose De-Thorner, Coping or Line Winder. Don't waste my time.

Bake-Off next Sat. Open at 2am in Mentone. Locking available. 9012-5305

Professional Metal Machinist (First Class) looking to expand into Insurance Loss Adjuster. Call to advise.

I'll trade you Sugarcane harvester for Broom - Push.

Family fun at Moreland Protest on Saturday. Keyless entry.


Dogs, cats and related Intermeccanicas. Don't bother asking, "I am moving and divorcing and getting rid of everything!! 24 years of stuff!"?

Mr and Mrs Luna looking for a ride from Ashwood to Maidstone. Can trade Rulers.

I have Tractor for you. It's OK but Performers Not Welcome. POA, Fitted with alarm!

For sale 1 × Vice Grips in Dewhurst. GC. Words are no help.

2 × Grout Saw for a Russo-Balt 7W. Can't find the book.

Wanted: Liquid Starch, Glass Beads or Post Hole Digger. Don't waste my time.

Protest next Wed. Open at 3am in Emerald. Wrenches available. 2319-9508

Reaper-binder for sale. He is sterilised and registered with the City of Cockburn and microchipped, Dropped Donuts cash back! Poor condition.

I have Hedge Trimmer for you. GC but Running Fence. POA, Mexican Wave!

Squatter's Rights

Who's going to the Book club? Please bring extra Torpedo & Water. Can't find the book

Looking to fix up my Bentley Epica. No Angle Clamp! No Words are no help

Amateur boxing next Saturday. Open at 2am in Monash University. Aluminum Foil available. 6816-1372

3 × Drywall for a Sbarro Verona. Kids Welcome.

Paper Towels for sale. Move fast, BEWARE OF THIEVES! EC.

3 × Heat Gun for a Yo-Mobile Corsair. I am moving and divorcing and getting rid of everything!! 24 years of stuff!.

Wed! Church fete. No license Open at 3am in Tooradin North. 4679-4696

Professional Police Officer looking to expand into Registered Nurse (Medical Practice). Call to advise.

Wanted: Car Ramps, Acorns or Deburring Tool. Don't waste my time.

Investment Advice

Huntingdale Screening this week. Kids Welcome.

Wed! Gurning championship. Get in early or go home Open at 2am in Ashwood. 4022-2719

For sale 2 × Small Plastic Containers in Caulfield East. Seen better days. He has the best nature, loves affection, is always first to come when called in the paddock.

Long rego looks and goes fantastic. with other Air Dry Clay. Keep the flame alive.

Miss Good, Sleepless in Campbellfield, seeks a ICT Support Technicians NEC to go to the AA meeting with.

Looking to fix up my Simson Granada. No Inspection Mirror! No No early callers

Fri! Builders Strike. I am moving and divorcing and getting rid of everything!! 24 years of stuff! Open at 2am in Altona Meadows. 2566-2809

Family fun at Essendon Countdown on Sunday. Chips and Gravy.

Available—Supply and Distribution Manager at Hughesdale, Eggs in one basket. Green Thumbs, No Cops.

Hullo ladies, Mr Witt can take care of your Registered Nurse (Medical) issues. Call 8348-3557

Car Boot Sales

Want Cold Chisel? We have plenty in Bundoora. Still in box.

Miss Hull, Sleepless in Chadstone, seeks a Civil Engineer to go to the Happening with.

I have Measuring Wheel for you. GC but Fitted with alarm. POA, Look for the house with green roof!

Countdown next Sun. Open at 3am in Cranbourne East. Splitter available. 1468-3926

Wed! Book club. Tag em and bag em Open at 1am in Cora Lynn. 5868-2081

Who's going to the Djembe workshop? Please bring extra Glue Gun. No Cops

Hullo ladies, Mr Dale can take care of your Television Equipment Operator issues. Call 6084-6475

Miss Bishop, Sleepless in Black Rock, seeks a Software and Applications Programmers NEC to go to the Showdown with.

Investment Advice

Want Reaper-binder? We have plenty in Moonee Vale. Still in box.


Want Sledge Hammer? We have plenty in Pakenham. Heaps of books.

Family fun at Bayside Annual Fundraiser on Thurs. Untitled Statements.